1954 to date...

Karakaya Bentonite

Karakaya Inc, established in 1954 by Kaya Karakaya is the first and the major bentonite manufacturing company in Turkey.

Karakaya Inc produces Bentonite as per world standards for civil engineering, foundry, paper, geotextile, agriculture, food, medical and paint industries and offers to domestic and abroad markets.

Modern facilities, high-quality furnaces

A Leader in the Bentonite Sector

Karakaya Bentonite, with its high quality quarries, modern facilities, experience, after-sales services, large inventory and drying areas, is the leader of its sector.

Karakaya Bentonit has quarries in various parts of Turkey. In addition, its quarries in Tokat/Resadiye has the highest quality bentonite reserves in the world.

World's highest-quality reserves

High Quality Standards

Karakaya Bentonite has the outstanding quality certificates with its quarries and facilities.